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11.09-11.13 Rare Earth Weekly Review
Nov 16,2020.

This week (11.09-11.13, the same below) the overall market may stabilize or rise. Among them, the mainstream product, praseodymium and neodymium, has stabilized after the mid-to-high price fluctuations, dysprosium products have continued to be stable, and terbium products have increased again. Mainstream manufacturers are more resolute in keeping prices, and the current downstream orders are heating up, and the industry is becoming optimistic about the recent trend.

Neodymium praseodymium oxide was weak this week following last week’s rally. The fear of heights grew this week. Some traders and small factories began to give way to shipments. The transaction of praseodymium oxide and neodymium oxide decreased slightly at the beginning of the week, showing confidence in the overall market. Cause a certain impact. However, major praseodymium and neodymium manufacturers, including the group, maintain a completely consistent attitude towards price. The quotations of major manufacturers are generally higher than market transactions and there are few concessions. In addition, downstream companies still have stocking demand, downstream orders generally rise at the end of the year, and praseodymium is trending rapidly Stabilized and rebounded slightly in the direction of mainstream quotations later this week.

Regarding the market outlook for NdPr, the industry mentality has undergone two changes this week, and the judgment has also changed from a slight fall from a high level to a continued slight bullish trend. Compared with the last increase in NdPr and Nd, this round of increase has a stronger attitude towards prices, and demand support is stronger than last time. However, at the same time, NdPr is approaching a high level and the trend is stabilizing, which will inevitably lead to strong fears and caution in the industry. The follow-up upward adjustment space is temporarily not high. Although there is no risk of downward adjustment in the short term, it is difficult to maintain blind optimism about the long-term outlook.

The performance of heavy rare earth products was different. Dysprosium and gadolinium products were generally stable, but the later sales of dysprosium products were slightly weaker. Terbium and holmium products showed continued upward adjustment, and the growth rate of terbium products this week has not decayed and continued to remain strong. The development of terbium permeation technology and the slight recovery of downstream orders have led to a significant increase in demand for terbium targets and metal terbium. Terbium products continue to be optimistic this week, and manufacturers still have a certain reluctance to sell.

As of November 13, quotations of some rare earth products: neodymium praseodymium oxide 345,000 to 349,000 yuan/ton; neodymium praseodymium oxide 433-43.6 million yuan/ton; neodymium oxide 385,000-390 thousand yuan/ton; neodymium metal 4.8-485 million yuan Per ton; dysprosium oxide 1.7-175 million yuan/ton; dysprosium iron 1.72-174 million yuan/ton; terbium oxide 5.2-5.2 million yuan/ton; metal terbium 665-6.7 million yuan/ton; gadolinium oxide 1733-176 million yuan /Ton; iron gadolinium 173-176 thousand yuan/ton; holmium oxide 435-440 thousand yuan/ton; holmium iron 445,000-45 thousand yuan/ton

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The feedback from all parties in the industry this week is as follows: Even if some immediate orders are lost, big manufacturers will continue their price-setting measures next week, and small and medium-sized manufacturers have also indicated that they will appropriately adjust to the direction of large manufacturers' quotations as they enter the market. Magnetic material companies hesitate to replenish, and most of them use just-needed purchases, but it is an indisputable fact that orders have increased.

Follow-up predictions for some products: Nd-praseodymium products will be in a stable stalemate within the next week. The stalemate will be longer and may be accompanied by a slight upward adjustment. Terbium products are currently rising rapidly. In addition to demand support, there are indeed certain factors that pull up. However, they will still be in the seller's market in a short period of time. The subsequent upward adjustment will continue, but the upward adjustment trend is expected to ease due to the lagging downstream acceptance. Dysprosium oxide is currently back to the position of 1.7 million yuan/ton. At this price, the mentality of replenishment and shipment exists at the same time. Near the end of the year, there are still many opportunists who have tried the national reserve, but the supply of dysprosium oxide is relatively sufficient. Generally stable next week.

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