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11.16-11.20 Rare Earth Weekly Review
Nov 23,2020.

This week (11.16-11.20, the same below) the rare earth market ushered in the best market stage of the year, and various products continued to increase significantly and the rate of increase accelerated. Under the tight situation of rare earth spot circulation, downstream orders appeared concentratedly at the end of the year, purchase inquiries were proactively frequent, and transaction prices in the seller's market continued to rise.

Demands for 3C, micromotors, compressors, etc. continued to support the trend of rare earths this week. Magnetic material companies extended the stocking period to late December. Some of them are even scheduled for next year’s raw materials. The delivery time of separation plants and metal plants is tight, and futures transactions are extended along with the delivery time. The upward adjustment, the bullish sentiment is unified and strong, a small amount of spot quotations are particularly strong and there is basically no possibility of price compromise.

Praseodymium, neodymium, dysprosium, terbium and holmium products have been adjusted up frequently this week, and the transaction prices are often refreshed multiple times on a single transaction day. Manufacturers are reluctant to sell obviously and follow up the latest high in time. This week, the sales of various products within a day increased by 2.5%-3%. The average daily increase of praseodymium and neodymium products is about 10,000 yuan/ton; the average daily increase of dysprosium products is about 20,000 yuan/ton; the average daily increase of holmium products is about 10,000 yuan/ton; the average daily increase of terbium products is as high as 150,000-200,000 yuan/ton !

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The rapid increase has stimulated downstream efforts to expand stocking, and it has also led to sudden high downstream costs. On the one hand, the rigid demand for production of magnetic materials plants has skyrocketed and most of them are long-term customers. On the other hand, magnetic materials companies and end customers have encountered strong resistance to re-negotiating prices. The pressure on the rare earth industry chain is concentrated in the magnetic materials link. Under the joint restrictions of strong production pressure and contract constraints, some magnetic material companies had to reduce profits and put forward a proposal to share cost premiums, but in terms of feedback, few terminals reached a consensus.

At present, although the cost of raw materials has skyrocketed and is difficult to solve together, most magnetic companies cannot give up production for the time being. The "home economy" triggered by the foreign epidemic will continue to exert force, and follow-up orders are still considerable.

Along with the soaring trend, periodical fear of heights has occurred from time to time. Traders and a small number of manufacturers made several price transfers within this week, but the shipments were very small and mostly tentative. The fear of heights shipments were immediately digested by the market. There will often be higher gains immediately.

The marketing of mainstream manufacturers still maintains a bullish and high-hanging strategy. Existing orders can meet the production schedule of more than one month. All major manufacturers do not have the need to concession and increase orders, and new futures quotations are always kept in the transaction. High position.

As of November 20, quotations of some rare earth products: neodymium praseodymium oxide 3.7-375 thousand yuan/ton; neodymium praseodymium 4.7-475 thousand yuan/ton; neodymium oxide 42-425 thousand yuan/ton; neodymium metal 513-3518,000 yuan /Ton; dysprosium oxide 1.78-1.8 million yuan/ton; dysprosium iron 1.77-179 million yuan/ton; terbium oxide 5.95-6.1 million yuan/ton; metal terbium 7.6-7.7 million yuan/ton; gadolinium oxide 178-181,000 yuan /Ton; gadolinium iron 178-181,000 yuan/ton; holmium oxide 4.9-495 million yuan/ton; holmium iron 500,000-505,000 yuan/ton.

Follow-up judgment: The tight spot circulation of Nd, Pr and Tb products cannot be relieved in a short period of time due to the current concentrated increase in demand and consumption. It is difficult to change the status of upstream companies continuously chasing high quotations. Even if profits are compressed downstream, their stocking needs will not decrease. . Gadolinium, dysprosium, and holmium, which have a substitute relationship between neodymium and terbium, will also follow the upward adjustment under the pull of the first two. At the same time, downstream companies' fear of heights and cautious sentiment are increasing day by day. A small amount of fear of heights will still occur from time to time, but in the short term, it will not affect the current mainstream trend of rising.

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