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11.23-11.27 Rare Earth Weekly Review
Nov 30,2020.

This week (11.23-11.27) the rare earth market has seen a lot of turning points. At the beginning of the week, neodymium praseodymium products continued their upward trend last week and experienced a short-term surge. As the price rises rapidly, the price of neodymium praseodymium tends to calm down. Then the heavy rare earth dysprosium began to rise in relay, while the remaining heavy rare earth products remained stable.

The emergence of the skyrocketing pattern was unexpected. Its rate of increase rose from an average of 5% per day to 10% on Tuesday. The upstream temptation to pull up gradually loses its sense as prices push up, and the downstream and terminal cost pressures skyrocketed to resist the emotional savings. After a long time, it finally broke out, and the high quotation no longer has transaction support. The fear of heights that prevailed in the industry during the skyrocketing period caused some upstream companies to watch the wind and take the lead in shipping. The falsely high quotation bubble quickly burst, and the transaction of neodymium praseodymium began to fall from a high level, but the supply and demand basis that supported the original upward trend was still there. There was no plunge and the adjustment range was relatively moderate.

As the skyrocketing price of praseodymium and neodymium turned into calmness, the Heavy Rare Earth Group once again pulled up dysprosium oxide. The acquisition of dysprosium oxide restarted, and the acquisition price increased significantly. Although there were many restrictions on the scope of the acquisition, the market responded quickly and coordinated. There was a step-wise jump in the transaction of dysprosium oxide, but the stamina was lacking, and the subsequent transaction upward adjustment speed was relatively slow.

Terbium oxide products are still tentatively rising this week, but with the transaction price of terbium oxide exceeding 6 million yuan/ton, the market is also keen on heights, and the upward transaction speed has begun to slow down and tend to be stable. At the beginning of the week, the quotations of terbium oxide from upstream holders were confusingly high, and some manufacturers' quotations were even as high as 6.5 million yuan/ton, while the real transaction at that time was only about 5.95 million yuan/ton. An increase in the quotation has a general effect on raising the transaction, but Terbium oxide still has a certain gain this week.

In order to cope with the rise of heavy rare earths, relevant news in Myanmar spread in due course. Relevant information is nothing more than border blockade, shutdown of mines and so on. As far as the situation with the relevant personnel in Myanmar is concerned, the "good customs closure" is somewhat different from the actual situation, and the current situation of Myanmar's rare earth mines is not much different from before.

Certain borders between China and Myanmar do exist, but they are mainly used for epidemic prevention and control. The need to quarantine people returning from Myanmar has long existed. Excipients can still be imported into Myanmar, but mine production in Myanmar is not high due to the epidemic, and this phenomenon is also not new.

As of November 27, quotations of some rare earth products: neodymium praseodymium oxide 44.4-450,000 yuan/ton; neodymium praseodymium oxide 53.5-55.5 million yuan/ton; neodymium oxide 5.0-505,000 yuan/ton; neodymium metal 6.0-605 million yuan /Ton; dysprosium oxide 1.91-19.94 million yuan/ton; dysprosium iron 1.9-19.93 million yuan/ton; terbium oxide 615-6.2 million yuan/ton; metal terbium 765-7.7 million yuan/ton; gadolinium oxide 182-185 million yuan /Ton; iron gadolinium 182-185 thousand yuan/ton; holmium oxide 540 thousand-55 thousand yuan/ton; holmium iron 5.5-555,000 yuan/ton.

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Follow-up prediction: Although Neodymium praseodymium has risen and fallen this week, the basis for supporting its rise is still there. The false high part of the quotation has quickly shattered. Although a small number of manufacturers and traders fear high shipments, it is not obvious. The mainstream manufacturers have always maintained a cautious attitude in this round of fluctuations. There will be a plunge, and there will be signs of stabilization within the next week.

At present, both light and heavy rare earths are at historical highs, and the stalemate and confrontation between upstream and downstream is still fierce. Demand growth at the end of the year is still continuing, on the other hand, the current price level has a rising component and is facing adjustment risks at any time. On the whole, the support of demand still exists, which also determines that the overall trend at the end of the year will remain upward, but the upward pull, fear of high, downstream resistance, and buying will all cause fluctuations in this process.

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