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12.14-12.18 Rare Earth Weekly Review
Dec 21,2020.

This week (12.14-12.18, the same below) the mainstream rare earth products quickly stabilized after a short and slight decline. Neodymium praseodymium rebounded slightly under the support of continuous demand. Dysprosium products also recovered due to the support of enterprises. The steady trend of terbium products turned into Accelerate the rise. As the long supply-demand seesaw of light rare earths approaches the equilibrium point this week, the downstream cautious mindset has cooled down and procurement has gradually recovered. The upstream will no longer blindly increase prices and the quotations tend to be normal.China magnets supplier

The leading group still maintains its underpricing measures against neodymium praseodymium this week, but after last week’s adjustment and transition, the downward speed of neodymium praseodymium slowed down significantly this week. The quotations of major major manufacturers slowly adjusted in place, the price of neodymium praseodymium quickly stabilized, and downstream fear of falling began to ease Replenishment gradually. Metal factories began to purchase oxides based on order scheduling, and low-priced bulk cargoes quickly cleared out. The quotations of small and medium-sized enterprises moved closer to mainstream manufacturers, and the bidding mentality weakened. Rare earth neodymium magnets supplier

The rebound of Neodymium praseodymium after external underpricing is weaker than the previous time, and this rebound did not trigger the continued rise of upstream companies. In addition to the continued group underpricing measures, the upstream and downstream industries that have suffered from price fluctuation I look forward to a stable state of mind.

Dysprosium products also achieved a rebound this week. The quotations of mainstream companies have never been lowered. Although bulk cargo transactions have lowered the transaction price of Dysprosium, the duration is relatively short. As the trend of dysprosium oxide stabilizes, Heavy Rare Earth Group once again implemented price stabilization measures. The transaction of Dysprosium gradually recovered to the price level before the fall.

In a strong supply and demand environment, terbium products have not been linked by the fluctuations of praseodymium, neodymium and dysprosium products this time. They remained stable during the weaker period of the overall trend, and continued to rise when the overall rebound, and the rate of increase was more obvious. neodymium magnets wholesaler

As of December 18, the quotations of some rare earth products: neodymium praseodymium oxide 397,000 to 402,000 yuan/ton; neodymium praseodymium 50-505,000 yuan/ton; neodymium oxide 4.9-495 million yuan/ton; neodymium metal 5.9-595,000 yuan /Ton; dysprosium oxide 1.9-21.94 million yuan/ton; dysprosium iron 1.91-1193 million yuan/ton; terbium oxide 675-685 million yuan/ton; metal terbium 8.6-8.7 million yuan/ton; gadolinium oxide 175-178 million yuan /Ton; iron gadolinium 175-178 thousand yuan/ton; holmium oxide 5.7-575 thousand yuan/ton; holmium iron 5.8-585 thousand yuan/ton.

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Short-term forecast: Neodymium praseodymium has gone through many repetitions, and the long confrontation between upstream and downstream has basically ended. The current price is in line with the high temperature state of demand, but also meets the common business needs of upstream and downstream. The subsequent excessive increase or downward adjustment is something that upstream and downstream do not want to see In the current situation, driven by common interests and goals, NdPr products will continue to remain robust.

Heavy rare earth products are still affected by multiple factors, and policy induction and corporate regulation are expected to be more intuitive and frequent in the near future. The supply contraction in Myanmar continues. Although dysprosium and terbium products are currently at a historical high, it is difficult to see a sharp decline under the effect of multiple supports. The demand for terbium products is concentrated due to low inventories. The high risk is low and the strong trend will continue.

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