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12.28-12.31 Rare Earth Weekly Review
Jan 4,2021.

This week (12.28-12.31, the same below), as the last week of the 2020 epidemic, all rare earth products ended at a high level, and the overall trend was stable but strong. Products of various series may be stable or rising, and the current purchase inquiry temperature is still high , After the material festival, there is a high probability that the current trend will be maintained.rare earth magnets supplier

Looking back on 2020, the overall trend of rare earths first declined and then increased. The demand fluctuations under the influence of the epidemic were extremely obvious, resulting in the overall trend being at a low level in the first three quarters, but it rose strongly at the end of the year. Compensation orders began to be concentrated in November, although there were some in the middle. It fluctuates slightly, but the overall strong trend continues for a long time and runs through the end of the year. Looking to 2021, although the impact of the epidemic is still inevitable in the short term, from the perspective of the current downstream lock orders, the demand for the next month can still support the current high level. high quality neodymium magnets

This week, neodymium praseodymium products are still rising, but relative to the quotation, the transaction and the rate of increase are lagging behind. In addition, the leading metal price control measures are extremely firm, the metal neodymium praseodymium relative to the praseodymium oxide has begun to reverse. The transactions and quotations of major major manufacturers have far exceeded the upper limit set by the leading manufacturers this week, and small and medium-sized manufacturers have reached the original ceiling this week. At the same time, the quotation of praseodymium and neodymium oxide has risen again. Affected by this, the quotations of raw materials such as sludge have also been raised this week.strong magnets manufacturer

Terbium oxide continues to rise, and this week's increase once again hit a significant range of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan/ton. Relatively concentrated inventory and continuous demand have caused terbium oxide bulk cargoes to fail to meet downstream demand. The reluctance to sell is accompanied by high transactions, and the market's bullish peak has reached another height. Driven by terbium products, dysprosium oxide and dysprosium iron continued to rise slightly this week, but the scope of dysprosium iron substitution is still not broad, and the rise of terbium products has not weakened.

The remaining heavy rare earth products also maintained a steady trend this week, with a slight increase in gadolinium products and a steady increase in holmium products.

As of December 31, the quotations of some rare earth products: neodymium praseodymium oxide 408,000 to 412,000 yuan/ton; neodymium praseodymium metal 508,000 to 512,000 yuan/ton; neodymium oxide 508,000 to 513,000 yuan/ton; neodymium metal 6.2-62.5 million yuan /Ton; dysprosium oxide 1.3-195 million yuan/ton; dysprosium iron 1.91-19 million yuan/ton; terbium oxide 7.2-7.3 million yuan/ton; metal terbium 915-9.25 million yuan/ton; gadolinium oxide 177-18 million yuan /Ton; gadolinium iron 178-180 thousand yuan/ton; holmium oxide 59-8603 thousand yuan/ton; holmium iron 61-615,000 yuan/ton.

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Post-holiday forecast: The signs of rising at the beginning of the post-holiday period have actually appeared this week. Although the price of neodymium praseodymium products has slowly risen and stabilized, manufacturers have increased, raw materials have increased, and downstream inquiries have never cooled down. The uptrend is not expected to be significant. When the price gap with the leader is large, the upside resistance will also be greater.

Although the heavy rare earth terbium has feedback from some downstream customers on the risk awareness, it is said that the current high level will not stock too much, but the just-needed purchase is sufficient. At present, the circulation of terbium oxide is very obvious, and upstream inventory is maintained or bullish, downstream inventory is basically equivalent to production demand, new purchases are still urgent, and terbium oxide is still far from reaching its peak.

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