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Analysis of the role of injection magnets in our lives
Mar 15,2021.

Speaking of plastic magnets (injection magnets), I believe that everyone is relatively unfamiliar, because there are very few places where you can directly see plastic magnets. Because these plastic magnets are stored in electrical appliances and motors, we cannot see plastic magnets intuitively. But the role of plastic magnetism around us is very big.

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Injection magnet is a new type of functional polymer composite material, and it is an important basic material in the field of modern science and technology. Compared with sintered magnetic materials, magnetic plastics have lower density, higher impact resistance, and their magnetic properties can be controlled by the content of magnetic powder, and they are chemically stable. It has the advantages of good performance and no chipping during use. Various resins such as nylon, polyphenylene sulfide, and elastic plastic can be selected as the base material, mixed with ferrite magnetic powder, neodymium iron boron magnetic powder, and plastic injection molding is used. Forming technology for processing has unique advantages in the preparation of thin walls, complex shapes, radial orientation, high-precision magnets, and integrated combined forming. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high material utilization and high production efficiency. Device miniaturization, lightweight, composite, high-efficiency, and energy-saving play a key role. If you want to play a greater role in the magnetic ring, you can wind the cable a few turns on the plastic magnetic ring. The more the number of turns, the better the suppression effect on lower frequency interference, and the weaker the suppression effect on higher frequency noise. 

Injection molding can make magnets with complex shapes. In addition, the injection molding process can use "embedded molding", "multi-step molding", and "multi-piece molding" methods to integrate magnets and other parts into one piece, thereby saving the cost of secondary processing and assembly. Injection molding technology can produce isotropic magnets and anisotropic magnets. When forming an anisotropic magnet, an orientation magnetic field is required to make the magnetic powder have a certain orientation in the polymer in the molten state, that is, orientation, and can realize multi-polar magnetization. The injection molding process makes the product have better consistency in size and performance. During the molding process, the material completely fills the mold cavity with the highest concentration under the strong injection pressure, and the material contains thermoplastic binder, so that the magnet has good physical and mechanical properties.

Performance: Due to the high content of polymer binder in the injection molded magnet, the magnet itself has strong corrosion resistance and usually does not require surface coating protection.

Dimensional accuracy: Since the injection molded product is consistent in size with the injection mold cavity, the product dimensional accuracy can be controlled relatively high. In addition, the shrinkage of the binder in the material during cooling will also cause the size of the product to change, and the degree of shrinkage depends on the thickness and shape of the product. The typical dimensional tolerance is: ±0.05mm.

Injection magnet has another feature: it can be durable consumer goods without demagnetization at 20~150 degrees! The magnetic stripe of the motor will demagnetize when the working environment exceeds 80 degrees.

Injection magnets are mainly used in automation equipment, brushless DC motor rotors, inverter fan motor rotors, inverter air conditioner motor rotors, DC brushless refrigerator damper motor rotors, energy-saving range hoods, automobile fuel tank magnetic rings, instrumentation, lamps, printers and copiers Magnetic rollers, buffer cylinders, water pump motors, water heater accessories, energy-saving induction cookers, swimming pool equipment pipe fittings, motorcycles, cameras, clocks, audio, various motor induction devices, household appliances, household floor fans, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, air coolers , Blower, office automation, transmission, all kinds of toys, magnetic therapy medical health products and various fields of daily life, etc.

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