neodymium magnets

Colorful Plastic Coated Round Magnetic Button

Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets in the world but they are also very fragile. With the Revitalizaire neodymium magnets you no longer have to sacrifice durability for strength. These permanent disc magnets have a thick and hard Polypropylene (plastic) outermost coating that ensures they will not break or chip under the most extreme conditions.
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Colorful Plastic Coated Round Magnetic Button

Magnetic Pins made of 1 piece strong neodymium disc(disk) magnet and 1 plastic mold.The magnet is mounted in a plastic shell with an ergonomically designed plastic handle for ease of use.They are small,easy to grip yet very powerful. One magnetic pin will hold 35 pieces of A4 paper to a magnetic surface(color and size of magnetic pin can be made by cusomer's requirement).

Fridges Whiteboard Magnet for Holding DIY

Products description

Model Name
Colorful Plastic Coated Round Magnetic Button
Plastic Shell Color
Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Black/White/Purple, etc.
Shown in the chart below
Magnet Material
Neodymium N35 or Customized.
Magnetism Direction
Axially Magnetized
Country Of Origin

Size information

(F Series)
Net Weight
Max A4 Paper QTY To Hold On White Board
D12.7 x 6.35
11 pcs


Assorted Colors with Mint Red, White, Black, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple and Yellow

Work well on file cabinets, Whiteboards, Planning and Refrigerator

Perfect for Home, School and Office

These High Grade magnets are strong!, hold some artworks, Christmas lights and a lot material against magnetic friendly surface

Custom Colored Whiteboard Memo Office Round Magnets

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