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Custom EVA Magnetic Letters for Kids

The magnetic letters set can help kids to practice their spelling skills and build their word skills. It safe for your child's eyes and helps your child to increase their confidence and inspires their creativity.These letters, numbers and symbols can assist with your young child to advance from single letter recognition to writing complete sentences. Brings you toys with a great educational value. It also comes with a box to store these magnetic letters and numbers neatly. And the beautiful packaging makes it is a great gift for boys and girls as a birthday gift or Christmas Gift.
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Custom EVA Magnetic Letters for Kids

The EVA foam alphabets/numbers/shapes, a kind of soft and bright material of the toy. This material is widely used in the children products in our daily life, EVA mat, EVA fridge magnet, EVA alphabets and so on. As one of the materials of the kid's toy, EVA alphabets is non-toxic and soft to keep children away from danger when they're playing.

The best character of the EVA material is that it can be produced with various color, especially the bright color which attract kid's view to play with and study.

Kid Alphabet learning Letters EVA toy

Products description

Product Name: Magic ABC Alphabet magnets Letters Set for Kids

Material: Rubber Magnet,ECO-friendly EVA foam

Style: ABC Letters,Numbers,or other customized letters, mulColor(EVA)

Accessories: Upper case & Lower case & Numberws, or customized is welcome


Usage: Education,study,fridge magnet

Main Features:

Soft and non-toxic which produced in environmentally raw material,

We can also provide EVA customized products, including shape, size, packaging and so on.

Magic ABC Alphabet magnets Letter Set for Kids

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