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SmCo Countersunk Ring Magnets

Samarium cobalt magnet is mainly formed by the metal samarium, cobalt and some other rare earth elements of the permanent magnet. It has a high magnetic energy product, super low-temperature coefficient, and the operating temperature can up to 300 ℃. At the same time, it has strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Therefore, SmCo magnetic steel usually does not need to be electroplated and is widely used in motors, meters, sensors, engines, radar, and other high-tech fields.
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SmCo Countersunk Ring Magnets

A SmCo ring magnet is a SmCo disc magnet with a concentric hole inside it. A SmCo countersunk magnet is a SmCo ring magnet with one side appearing as a standard ring but the other side has an angled countersink to ideally allow a screw head to fit inside flush, the countersink angle usually being (but not always) 90 degrees. A SmCo counterbore ring magnet is a ring magnet with a cylindrical flat-bottomed hole on one side that enlarges the main concentric hole to take a cap head screw.

Strong Magnetizing SmCo Magnetic Rings


Dimensions: Diameter 15.00 x Thickness 5.00mm thickness, with M3 Countersunk hole

Tolerances: ±0.004 x ±0.002 (+/-0.1mm x ±0.05mm)

Material: Sm2Co17, 

Plating /Coating: N /A

Magnetization Direction: Thru thick (Poles on the largest faces)

Max Operating Temp: 350ºC

Features of Samarium Cobalt Magnet:

  • Most excellent temperature characteristics in Rare-Earth magnet family; 
  • Limited raw material supply result SmCo5/Sm2Co17 high in cost. 
  • It is extremely hard and brittle, High demagnetization resistance, Outstanding thermal stability, Excellent anti-corrosion properties. Good corrosion resistance and no special surface treatment required, excellent for compact designs where high working temperature is a major concern. 
  • Grinding and slicing operations are possible.
  • Extremely resistant to demagnetization.

Customized Powerful SmCo Ring Magnet


SmCo Rare Earth Permanent Magnets are used for aerospace, defense industry, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instruments, wind power, a variety of magnetic drives, sensors, magnetic processors, high-end motors

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