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Strong neodymium disc magnets N35

China factory wholesale neodymium magnet strong disc magnets
Customize Shape: Disc, Ring, Block, Arc, countersunk magnets;
Customize Grade: N(N35-N52), M(N35-N50), H(N35-N48), SH(N33-N48), UH(N30-N40), EH(N28-N38), AH(N28-N35).
Customize Size: Diameter / Thickness Size From 1mm – 100mm.

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Rare Earth Round NdFeb Magnets Permanent Super Strong Disc Neodymium Magnet for Sale

This disc neodymium magnet is made of strongest grade N35 rare earth magnetic material and coated with Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer. This disc neodymium magnet has innumerable applications for business and home, such as kitchen knife holders. Our Neodymium magnets are commonly used in creative applications such as models and theatre design, furniture making, exhibition stands and packaging. They also have many uses in engineering and manufacturing where compact size and maximum strength are required.

neodymium rare earth disc magnets


They are axially magnetized so the north and south poles are on the flat surfaces, and the red line on one side of the magnet denotes which side the north pole is on. Neodymium magnets are unique because of their extreme resistance to demagnetization and will only lose their magnetism if they're heated above 176 degrees fahrenheit.

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The raw materials are Nd, Fe and B. Starting from the selection of materials, high-quality neodymium-iron-boron magnets are produced with high-quality rare-earth materials  and various mixed materials.

Super Strong Neodymium Magnets
neodymium disc magnets wholesale


Use advanced slicing and line cutting equipment, professional and skilled operators, the conventional tolerance of the product is controlled at +/-0.05mm.(in case of special requirements, the tolerance can be accurately controlled at +/-0.03mm)

3. Coating

It has many conventional coatings, such as nickel, copper, nickel, zinc and black epoxy.     The most common type of plating for neodymium magnet is Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) Intended for indoor use. After coating treatment, have good anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability.

neodymium rare earth disc magnets
Super Strong Neodymium Magnets

Buyer Guide:

In order to quote you the best price quickly, please provide the following information:
1. Product size, grade, coating, etc
2. Order quantity;
3. Attached the drawings if customized;
4. Any special packing or other requirements.


Neodymium disc magnets are used by school teachers machinists magicians engineering and manufacturing students hobbyists inventors technicians diyers mars rovers (yup up there) craft magnets uses hobbies therapy storage experiments science fairs magnetic bars labs garages schools offices & refrigerator magnets.

neodymium disc magnets wholesale


All magnets may chip and shatter, but if used correctly this disc magnet can last a lifetime

Keep away from pacemakers and children

If damaged please dispose of completely


Q1. Which is stronger N35 or N52 magnet?

A1. There are eight different standard grades of neodymium magnets typically used in commercial applications today ranging from N35 to N52. Neodymium magnets are graded by their maximum energy product (BH)max with N52 grade neodymium providing the greatest magnetic performance and N35 being the weakest.

Q2. What are neodymium disc magnets for?

A2. In the field of information technology, neodymium magnets are particularly used in hard disc drives, mobile phones, video and audio systems of television. Neodymium magnets are also commonly used in magnetic separators, filters, ionizers, in production of on–off buttons, safety sector and security systems.

Q3. Does neodymium lose their strength?

A3. Like all magnets, neodymium magnets will eventually lose their strength over time, but this process is slow and can take many years or decades.

Q4. What makes neodymium stronger?

A4. Neodymium magnets are so strong because of their high resistance to demagnetisation (coercivity) and their high levels of magnetic saturation allowing them to generate large magnetic fields. A magnet's strength is represented by its maximum energy product value (BHmax) which is measured in Mega Gauss Oersteds (MGOe).

Q5. What happens if you cut a neodymium magnet?
A5. Magnets are sintered and are therefore extremely hard and brittle. You should never attempt to cut or drill into a magnet unless using diamond tooling and coolant as the dust can be highly flammable.

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